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The COMPASS Group > April 2009

Les Parfums de Paris

Album Name: Les Parfums de Paris

translated by Ann Lee

Paris--we all know it as a city for lovers, as a city rich with arts and culture. Apart from its famous fashion and gourmet cusine, one of the deepest impressions romantic Paris leaves is its mesmerizing French melodies. If you want to learn more about the ambiance of Paris, or surround your daily life with the elegance and feeling of this city, these beautiful French songs and jazz will do just that! This is an album that all critics can love. "Les Parfums de Paris" is broken down into themes of the four seasons, and there are a total of 22 charming songs telling tales of love, admiration, a slight bit of sorror and other experiences, much like a french perfume--rich and strong, with an unforgettable touch of relaxing flair. "Les Parfums de Paris" records popular songs from French chanson singers Serge Gainsbourg and Edith Piaf, including theme songs from French films like "La Mome", "French Kiss", and "Les portes de la Nuit", which are sung in new versions by Caroline Daly, Annie Royer and Helene Leone. If you love romantic French melodies, start your collection by purchasing "Les Parfums de Paris".

Retail price: NT$420
To listen online, go to: http://www.hinote.com.tw/product.aspx?sn=5719

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