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The COMPASS Group > May 2009

The Hold Steady-A Positive Rage

Artist: The Hold Steady
Album Name:
A Positive Rage (CD+DVD)

translated by Ann Lee

With his thick, black-framed glasses and slightly-bearded face, Craig Finn look a lot like like the stereotypical high school teacher who's always on your case. But, stepping onstage, he transforms into a full-on rock 'n' roll singer. The Hold Steady is a Brooklyn-based; and Craig Finn does the vocals and plays the guitar. As a band, the Hold Steady has been receiving five-star ratings on the Billboard and Uncut charts, as well as great reviews from The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. This is a grooup of talented artists who don't like to show off their celebrity status but, instead, are simple creatures who enjoy watching baseball games while downing a pint of beer. All year long, they get on tour buses to perform around the world. "A Positive Rage" is the band's first official release, and is also a live-recording album, including songs they sang at Chicago's Metro Stadium on Halloween day back in 2007. There is also a 50-minute long documentary about all the concert tours they have been over the years. The documentary concludes with a final song, "Killer Parties", as it shows the audience rushing onto the stage to party with the band. If you're like me, you'll wish you were there as well, sharing that true, captivating moment that only rock 'n' roll can bring.

Retail price: NT$390
To listen online, go to: http://www.hinote.com.tw/product.aspx?sn=5822

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