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Spring Scream Rabbit gets hopping

Spring Scream Rabbit gets hopping

Spring Scream Rabbit gets hopping

By Derek Kensinger
Translated by Angel Pu

Great stress relievers as you get deeper into the Year of the Rabbit include music, beautiful scenery, art and socializing. Recalling the award-winning Wei Te Sheng movie "Cape No. 7", when Chie Tanaka and Van Fan perform an awesome southern Taiwan show to forget their troubles and differences, this year's installment of the annual Spring Scream Festival promises a line-up of top domestic and international bands and a location in gorgeous Kenting National Park that encourages artistic creativity and harmonious fraternization.

Spring Scream Rabbit 2011 gets hopping April 1 at Eluanbi Park near Kenting and continues until April 4 on seven stages with over 200 bands. It is not too early to start thinking about buying your tickets, with prices varying according to when you buy them--the sooner, the cheaper. Purchase (via 7-11's "ibon" system) by March 15 and a four-day pass is NT$1,780 and one-day pass is NT$960; March 16-31 respective prices are NT$1,880 and NT$990; cash purchases at the door are NT$2,000 and NT$1,100.

Also, purchasing a four-day pass in advance gives you the exclusive privilege of being able to help decide the lineup of the bands, which already looks very impressive this year with participants mainly hailing from Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Singapore. The music is predominately alternative but there are genres for all tastes, with a continuing focus on original lyrics. For more specific information regarding bands, the location, transportation and lodging/camping, check out the very user-friendly event website, http://www.springscream.com.

Logistics aside, Spring Scream annually provides the opportunity to "forget all your troubles and dance", to quote Bob Marley. We also should not forget to mention some key Year of the Rabbit characteristics relating to Spring Scream--talented, friendly people who enjoy artistic endeavors and also the company of good friends. This sounds like a recipe for the beginning of a very good 2011.

Spring Scream Rabbit gets hopping Spring Scream Rabbit gets hopping

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