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2 Acres Plowed: Better make it raw

2 Acres Plowed: Better make it raw

2 Acres Plowed: Better make it raw

By Courtney Donovan Smith
Translated by Angel Pu

"It's a drinking, carousing kind of country," remarked artist Cat Brown when asked to describe 2 Acres Plowed's brand of country music, a comment that gave band member Landis Shook a laugh: "Well, between our beer drinking songs and our whisky drinking songs...".

This isn't the twangy guitar, sobbing-in-my-beer-oh-my-baby's-left-me stereotype of country music; this is modern, rocking country by a group of guys out to have a good time. Their live sets are always a rollicking ride, keeping the dance floor occupied. Landis comments the music is straightforward and easy-to-follow, and they take great pride in putting on an entertaining show. That they do, mixing up the show with plenty of jokes and crowd interaction.

The band is fronted by two guys from country-music strongholds, Ian Fischer from Alberta, Canada and Landis Shook from the American state of Arkansas. The band has a strong irreverent streak and delights in writing humorous songs, most notably the rocking 'Squeeze On' about how men entertain themselves while bored, the delightfully silly 'Sour Kraut & Ice Cream' and faux social cause protest song 'Goldfish Song'. 'Let me have another drink now' is a fun drinking-song classic.

The drinking songs, joking tunes and their self-depreciation shouldn't mislead--2 Acres Plowed is a band with range and talent. 'Way Back Home', a heartfelt ode visiting one's hometown, is beautiful in its simplicity. Acoustic 'Fem Fatata' is powerfully atmospheric and 'That Day' hauntingly melancholy. 'If I could' shows the Plowed's romantic side. The band makes good use of instruments like the mandolin, ukulele, fiddle and lap steel guitar, which are capable of evoking images and emotions that are unique.

The band's new CD, 'If I could,' has just been released and for a listen or for more information on upcoming shows visit their website at www.2acresplowed.com. 2 Acres Plowed will be performing at the Chili Cookoff on October 13. For more information, check the Compass 'What's On' section.

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