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The COMPASS Group > December 2012

Reid: Doing its part to keep Taichung rockin'

Reid: Doing its part to keep Taichung rockin'

Reid: Doing its part to keep Taichung rockin'

By Derek Kensinger
Translated by Angel Pu

Not content with simply creating great music, Taichung-based band Reid is now going above and beyond the call of duty to keep this city's live music scene alive. This was demonstrated as recently as Nov. 16, with a successful "Bring Back Live Music to Taichung" event organized largely through the vision of Reid drummer David Ramey. Held at Freedom Ocean, the evening included four expat rock bands and one Taiwanese DJ, who fulfilled the mission to bring live music back to downtown Taichung.

Headlining the evening was Reid, whose set was a high point as crowds sang along with its songs, including the Chinese standard 愛情釀的酒, and "The Zone". The band currently has three members--Canadian Pat Reid on guitars and vocals, American drummer Ramey, and bassist Paul Oliver from England. Led by Pat--who has been a member of Black Lung Inner City Choir, Three Day Bender, and Schlumpy--the band boasts an eclectic sound that ranges from soulful ("Cutie Pie", "It's All Good") to upbeat ("Beer", "Goddess Girl") and melancholy ("Rodes Test"). While hard to pinpoint with a specific genre, Reid's sound is a mixture of the vocals of Pearl Jam and Ben Harper, guitar solos akin to JJ Cale, and compositions reminiscent of Cloud Cult and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band cites Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel and Londonbeat as influences.

Pat and David have been playing together for over two years, while Paul joined the band just two months ago. All three collaborate to make decisions about what will be best for the new songs they write together. Over 20 of their tracks are available at http://reiderband.bandcamp.com, where you can listen to their music or purchase individual tunes or CDs. Band members can also be friended on Facebook for future show updates. In addition, the very talented Pat moonlights as a guitar and singing instructor (contact him at 0988-143-607).
Reid's members hope that Freedom Ocean's success will be a harbinger of future concerts in Taichung. Perhaps its philosophy is best summarized in a question posed in one of its best songs, "The Zone": "Have you ever given it all you've got, to the point you'd never be stopped?

Reid: Doing its part to keep Taichung rockin' Reid: Doing its part to keep Taichung rockin'

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