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TADA Ark highlights bands "MAde in TAichung"

TADA Ark highlights bands "MAde in TAichung"

TADA Ark highlights bands "MAde in TAichung"

TADA Ark highlights bands "MAde in TAichung"

By Lucy Lin
Translated by Sho Huang

One of the only fully-legal live music performance venues in central Taiwan, TADA Ark is a large space in what used to be a warehouse in the old Taichung Brewery complex. Today, it serves as an Eden for many musicians and designers, who hope to realize their dreams here.

Helping underline its unique role, TADA Ark now organizes a "MAde in TAichung" rock concert every two months. The goal of these events is to provide a stage for all central Taiwan underground bands that want to have their voices heard, with the appeal and popularity of these performers and the venue developing as a growing number of outstanding musicians are drawn to this simple place, where no commercial incentives are attached. Clearly, it is a great opportunity for participating bands to share their hard work and passion with fans.

Interested bands are always welcomed to submit an application, with an introduction of their group and music samples, to TADA Ark. The first "MAde in TAichung" concert this year took place last month on March 10, with bands Anarch, Cigaro, Wild Flower, Amphibious and Miss Mirror playing. This variety of so many well-known, popular bands means that live-music supporters in Taichung can start looking forward to the next installment of "MAde in TAichung".

April's installment of "MAde in TAichung" will take place on April 28 (advance tickets NT$300, tickets at the gate NT$400) and advance ticket sales can be made at all 7-Eleven and Family Mart convenience stores as well as TADA Ark itself. If you miss April's event, you'll have to wait for another two months, until June, for another local musical feast.

TADA Ark continues to support the original music of underground bands in central Taiwan with concrete action. If you are a music lover, be sure and turn up for "MAde in Taichung" to help keep these dreams alive.

Address: 362, FuXing Rd, Sec 3, B01, South Dist.
(04) 2229-0989
Hours: 11 am-7 pm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tadaark
"MAde in TAichung" Performance Date: April 28, 2013

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