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Great dating tips for stay-at-home types

By Josie Wu Translated by Ann Lee

Looking for a date? Try the Internet instead of a bar!
Through time eternal, everything has tended to move in the same pattern, of crisis that is followed by resolution, or some completely new direction. The currently global financial crisis, which started last year, is impacting every corner of the planet. However, the Earth is still spinning and people go on living. Likewise, men and women still need romance.

Thanks to the ever-changing world of technology and the Internet, finding a soulmate, even in this time of crisis, has continued to become easier. Mediums like visiting dating websites or cell-phone chats have become methods for seeking out potential dates, superseding more conventional and expensive means like making "acquaintances" at a bar. One can join a dating websites, which often are set up like a virtual "bar" complete with interesting games, and are a popular with those who don't have the time or the money to frequent a real bar. In such times as these, the most-visited dating websites are hitting annual growth rates as high as 400%.

Dating Websites & Cell-Phone Dating Websites

www.icebrkr.com www.meetmoi.com

Apart from dating websites, there are other methods and tactics for saving time and money as you try to meet interesting new people.
He's Just Not That Into You

For the stay-at-home ladies

He's Just Not That Into You
Publisher: Crown Culture

"Sex and the City" consultant Greg Behrendt and the show's script writer Liz Tuccillo comment on each other in the book "He's Just Not That Into You". Behrendt has been in the dating game for many years and now is a changed man, while Tuccillo, who has made all the mistakes that women make in relationships, doesn't want to see the same terrible things done to women by men. That's why they teamed up to write this book, which reached No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list, as well as Amazon.com. According to the Washington Post, this book "isn't exactly a romantic comedy, at least, not in the most traditional sense!" When reading it, you must put your feminist ideas aside for a moment, as it is not only written with wit and humor but also is filled with positive attitudes about love, together with some very truthful, therapeutic suggestions for readers. Consider reading this book and following its guidelines if you are waiting to start a quality relationship.

Is he really into you?
Maybe he is filled with sweet words but, in reality, he might just not be that into you!
Maybe he goes out on a date with you, and he calls to chat with you, but he might just not be that into you!
Maybe he jumps into the sack with you everytime he sees you, but he might just not be that into you!
If he makes you feel like you need to "guess what's on his mind"...then don't be a silly girl!

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

For the lonely stay-at-home men

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
Publisher: Dala

Another New York Times and Amazon.com bestseller, "Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists", talks about the real-life experiences of author Neil Strauss, who shares his own sincere, honest and very observant dating tips. Why is it that some men who are obviously not good-looking, or don't come with a great car, seem so charming to women? And why is it that some men just never figure things out, and still always end up getting dumped by the ladies? I suppose a lot of men might have these kinds of doubts about themselves. The author himself started out as someone who is usually not very popular with the ladies, and didn't have a clue about how to be with a woman on a date or in a relationship. Now he answers these questions for male readers. Just like someone signing up for drug rehab or anger management class, this is a school where the socially-inept are taught how to get a date. Strauss bases his book on two years of dating experience and reveals some very unique and controversial perspectives in this tell-all book (the sequel to this book, "Rules of the Game", is also now in print), as he tells you about some of the greatest tricks for getting a woman. While it won't help stay-at-home guys get a date, this book may serve as a good reference for alleviating relationship doubts and questions.

The Bank Book of Relationships

If you happen to be in it: The Bank Book of Relationships
Publisher: Fullon

If you are attached or in a relationship at the moment, reading "The Bank Book of Relationships" is like getting a preventative innoculation. Author Guang Hong-yi is a columnist for gender-specific books and a multimedia writer who produces short articles about love. While reading these, you'll realize that you are not alone with relationship-related feelings and issues; you'll find yourself agreeing with him and grinning when he makes certain points. You will also understand better what relationships are all about.

Guang Hong-yi notes:
Boyfriends and girlfriends are married couples from your last life; you just get another chance to be with each other again in this life. Married couples are lovers who weren't able to become husband and wife in their last lives, but have a shot at it again this life.

Loving someone is not difficult at all, but the difficult part is when you don't have the love anymore.

Nightclubs are like fast food joints! The romance that takes place inside a nightclub will only turn out in the same style--cheap and speedy!

How do you determine when your love should come to an end? When is enough enough? When your pinky finger gets hurt and is bleeding, and he stills lay on the sofa with a remote; or when you have your menstrual cycle, and he still asks you to go buy the cigarettes. That's when.

The temperature of love within a man/woman stops when you let it; it does not stay warm or keep heating up in your palm, and you won't feel it in your pulse.

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