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Something about Subway




By Joe Duffer Translated by Crystal Kuo


Last weekend, I took the kids up Yangmingshan for a hike in the hills. Motoring up Yangde Road, I passed Harold's Subway, which is all too easy to do on that busy section of road. I decided to stop and get the fixings for a picnic.
Franchise owner Harold Raulston, aka Harold (??), was there. "What's up? How you been?" I said to my old friend.
"Daddy I want a 'hanbao', fren' fry and a toy," said my daughter, Zoe.
Before I could reply, Harold interjected. "You know, Zoe, there are more than 20,000 Subways in 81 countries worldwide. There are more Subways in America than McDonald's because people are starting to eat better, so they can live longer and healthier lives. With 42 [stores] in Taiwan and more opening soon, it's funny that there are still a few big misconceptions about Subway...."
"Do you have a toy?" said Zoe. Heather rolled her eyes, grinned and nodded her head in her younger sister's direction as if to say, "What a goof ball."
"....Subway does not sell hamburgers like McDonald's," Harold continued while folding paper in his hands. "Our sandwiches are made in front of you to your order, full of fresh vegetables and cold cuts; and they are not just cold food to be eaten only in summer. Any sandwich can be heated. In addition, we have hot soup, tea, coffee, juice, sodas, chips and cookies. All of which make for a healthy, satisfying, well balanced meal any time of year."
"Heck of a way to deal with a four-year-old, Harold," I thought to myself.
"Mama said Subway is expensive," said the usually-quiet Heather.
"I hear that a lot," said Harold. "Usually from Taiwanese who have not lived overseas. Subway is not expensive and it's not too much sandwich. The most expensive 12-inch sandwich is NT$180. But two people can share a 12-inch sandwich! That's you and Heather."
"Heather don't share," said a pouting Zoe.
"....If she shares a 12-inch Chicken Sandwich (NT$145) with you," said Harold, without skipping a beat, "then it's less than NT$75 per person or, for the Tuna (NT$125), less than NT$65 per person. A Value Meal saves you NT$10 and includes a 6-inch sandwich, soda and cookies or chips. If you use the 'Sub Club' card you get a free sandwich after filling it with eight stamps."
Harold handed Zoe the paper airplane he'd been folding while talking. Loaded down with a few value meals, we set back out on our picnic and, later that day on the trail, Heather shared her Chicken Sandwich with a happy Zoe.
For the address of a Subway in your area, please refer to the Subway advertisement in this magazine or contact their service hotline: 02- 2504-3982.

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