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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, December, 2005.

An authentic taste of Turkey at TRUVA Turkish Restaurant

3, Lane 181, AnHe Rd., Sec. 2, 1F
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--By Josie Wu Translated by Cara Steenstra

Turkish cuisine is considered one of the original three great world cuisines, together with Chinese and French. At TRUVA Turkish Restaurant, Taipei diners can now enjoy a truly authentic Turkish dining experience. This establishment, with its distinctive Trojan Horse logo, is owned by a very polite Turkish gentleman, Timugin, whose hotel management experience helps him oversee every little detail here.

Tim has painstakingly decorated the restaurant with symbolic items from Turkey, including Turkey's national flower, "the eye" symbols offering protection from evil spirits, hand-crafted pure silk rugs, and water pipes. Displayed in a glass cabinet is a century-old traditional Turkish costume. It is said that each pattern on the outfit took a month to embroider. The subdued, stylish atmosphere matches the latest design/style trends in Turkey, Tim explained.

TRUVA's menu is extensive and very authentic thanks to the fact that the ovens, roasting trays and even the professional chef with over 20 years of experience all come from Turkey. The Turkish Shepherd Salad (Coban Salata, NT$260) is made from chopped tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, onions, parsley, black olives and feta cheese, served with lemon juice, virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. The Beyti (NT$440) is minced meat blended with finely chopped Turkish pepper, herbs and garlic. These are charcoal-grilled, wrapped in Turkish Lavash bread, and served with yoghurt and special tomato sauce.

The NT$380 TRUVA Special Mix Pita (Karisik Pide TRUVA) is a combination of ground beef, Turkish kashar cheese and potatoes, mixed with onions and Turkish red peppers and parsley. The Iskender (NT$470/NT$560) is seasoned beef, grilled on a vertical rotisserie skewer, thinly sliced, and served with a special, fresh tomato sauce, yogurt, boiled pounded wheat pilaf and Turkish pita bread. The Adana Kebap Wrap (NT$380) is an authentic blend of minced meat with a mixture of Turkish spices and herbs, wrapped in Lavash bread with seasonal vegetables.

For dessert, try the world-famous Turkish "Maras" chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Many Turks enjoy mixing the flavors and the amazing rich, chewy texture is derived from natural orchid roots. You can also try the "Lion's Milk"--fairly strong Raki liquor that changes color when you add ice.

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