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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, December, 2006.

Braised Shrimp with Black

Steam Shrip in bamboo tube

Shaoxing Wine Shrimp


--- By Yan Chen Translated by Sho Huang

123, XinSheng S Rd, Sec 1
moved to: 11, 240 Lane, GuangFu S. Rd, 1F
Hours: 5 pm-12 am (weekdays)
11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-12 am (weekends)
Credit cards accepted. No service charge.
MRT:Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Top-D established a good reputation for serving fresh prawn dishes in Taichung over the past dozen years. However, it didn't introduce its tasty fare to Taipei residents until three years ago, when it opened its ChongQing branch.

The restaurant chain is committed to two principles. First, only live, fresh prawns are used. Thai prawns are delivered live to the restaurant from farms in Pingtung. En route, water temperature and oxygen levels are carefully monitored and, upon arrival, prawns are checked again, with the ones which failed to survive the journey disposed of. Second, all ingredients for branches nationwide are carefully monitored and packaged in Taichung before distribution to ensure consistent quality.

One of Top-D's most popular dishes is Shaohsing Wine Shrimp (NT$700 for the whole serving, NT$350 for half), which is served with a tasty soup to deliver prawn flavors with a light hint of Shaohsing. Depending on the season, this dish can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Another popular dish, Braised Shrimp with Black Pepper (NT$550), features prawns cooked with spices, Chinese herbs and black pepper for a warm, smooth and spicy taste. If you're into heavier flavors, you'll probably love this one.
In addition, Lamb Hot Pot and the Lamb Bone Dish are also frequently ordered. The lamb, imported from New Zealand, is prepared with Chinese herbs, cabbage and mushrooms, and is great for all seasons--even in summer when many locals may concerned about the "heating" properties of the herbs.

Thanks to this enjoyable transplant from central Taiwan, Taipei residents with a craving for a wide variety of fresh prawn dishes now know where to go. Regulations require Taiwan Fun to remind readers not to drink and drive, at least not at the same time.


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