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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, December, 2006.

The Villa Herbs

(02) 2732-3255
30-32, Lane 11, LeLi Road
Hours:11:30 am-2 am

A simple, white interior lounge bar with southern Asian charm, this two-storied building with outdoor fish ponds and pots of vanilla in its green garden has been open for four years but still attracts plenty of curious people. Because of these unusual characteristics, it is definitely a nice spot to celebrate Christmas and New Year. After enjoying Christmas dinner at Herbs, take a stroll to the Villa next door to continue the fun. Christmas dinners are on offer from December 22 to 24 for NT$1,380. Guests wearing Christmas theme clothing get a free bottle of German Blue Girl beer. On December 31, there will be a New Year's Eve party featuring a live DJ, a balloon clown, tarot reading, flaming pyramid drinks and counting down the minutes with the 101 to welcome the New Year. This winter, The Villa Herbs wants everyone to have a special and memorable Christmas and New Year.

Taiwan Fun reminds its readers: Don't drive after you drink.

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