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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, February, 2007.

Kadhai Aloo (NT$320)
with Naan bread

Chicken Zafrani (NT$450)
with garlic Naan (NT$70)



-- By Claire Tyrell Translated by Vivian Morgan

(02) 2773-3227
6, Alley 5, Lane 70, YanJi St
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 5-10:30 pm
Weekend lunch buffet 11 am-3 pm
Credit cards accepted. No smoking section.
10% service charge.
ZhongXiao/DunHua exit 2

At Indian favourite Aaleja you can be sure you are dining on authentic, and now prize-winning, cuisine. In 2006's national restaurant and food companies competition, Aaleja received two certificates of excellence, and a special gold award for the Chicken Tandoori. This success is testimony to the pride owner Mr. Choudhry takes in his restaurant, and his keenness to introduce new Indian and Pakistani meals to Taipei.

We tucked into the Chicken Zafrani (NT$450) and Kadhai Aloo (NT$320). The special Zafran spice is hand-picked from the flower, and gives meals a unique fragrance. Its distinctive nature makes it expensive even in India, and this is the only meal on the menu that uses it. Added to the succulent chicken leg, and other seasonings, it's certainly a flavour-packed hit.

The eye-catching Kadhai Aloo uses potatoes steamed for two hours, to retain flavours and nutrition. With peppers, onion and tomato, all served in a melange of spices including turmeric, saffron and cinnamon, it is deservedly a winner and especially enjoyable with warm garlic naan.

Mr Choudhry has two restaurants in Pakistan, and explains how spices are key. Slight variations completely change a meal, and he has tried over 100 different kinds to find the exact combination for each perfect dish. He also points out the benefits to the body of the natural plant origins of the spices, even more of a reason to enjoy the beautiful, delicious food, he says enthusiastically.

Appetizers are aplenty, such as the Masala Papad (spiced lentil wafer with vegetable, NT$100) and the "Mmmm" worthy Aloo Tikki (spiced potato and pea fritters, NT$130). Main dishes feature mutton, chicken, beef, seafood and all styles of vegetarian, and don't miss the fantastic desserts.

The tantalizing weekend lunch buffet (NT$399) contains appetizers, tandoori, biryanis, veggie dishes and all meats, with tasty northern dishes and coconutty flavours of the south. They also introduce dishes not on the menu, so for a taste bud adventure, just bring an empty stomach!

Appetizers Masala Papad (NT$100) and
Aloo Tikki (NT$130) - spiced potato and
green pea fritters.


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