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With a lot of gold and purple, the decor inside Tandoor Indian Restaurant is trendy and glamorous. Their spacious seating accommodates about 100 and is suitable for private functions and parties.

Mixed Vegetable Madras (NT$240) is a vegetable dish with eggplants, onions, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and beans simmered with coconut juice. With sweet vegetables and spicy curry, you can really taste individual ingredients.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant TianMu Branch

Words and photos by Eden Lin Translated by Ann Lee

(02) 2876-7206
TianMu Branch: 9, Lane 13, TianMu W Rd
(02) 2509-9853
HeJiang Branch: 10, Lane 73, HeJiang St
Hours: 12 pm-2:30 pm, 5:30-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. Smoking section. 10% service charge. Parking nearby.
Nearest MRT: DanShui Shi-Pai Station (TianMu Branch)

In Taiwan for 19 years, Tandoor Indian Restaurant has opened a new branch in TianMu. However, unlike its sister branch on HeJiang Road, which is more family-style, the pure-white Taj Mahal-like walls and the big French windows in the new branch create a more modern, elegant atmosphere, while the color picture of a girl in a namaste pose (meaning "welcome") attracts attention from passers-by.
Although the decor is more chic and trendy in their TianMu branch, the cuisine still features traditional northern Indian flavors. Insistent on maintaining their authentic dining flavors and customs, they don't compromise the flavor of dishes or culinary techniques to suit the local Taiwanese.

In India, cows are sacred, so don't expect to see any beef dishes! Choose from seafood, lamb and chicken. Northern Indian cuisine uses rich and diverse spices, as well as lots of yoghurt and cheese. These dishes often served with naan bread. Masala Papadam (NT$80) is a dish that goes well with an alcoholic beverage. The dipping sauce mixes diced tomatoes and sauteed onion cubes with other spices, and is slightly spicy. Kabab Seekh Kabab (NT$290) is marinated with eight or nine spices for an entire day, then roasted. It is delicious. If you want to try something different, order the Paneer Sagawalla (NT$220). This spinach dish has Indian cheese made with milk and a rich texture.

Daal Makahni (Front, NT$350) is a red curry dish with coconut powder, which makes it creamy. The boneless chicken is tender and mildly spicy. Paneer Sagawalla (Back, NT$220) is a dish with Indian cheese, the texture resembles soft dry bean curd. You can really taste the freshness of the spinach.

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