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Chyi Shiang Tea Room

Chyi Shiang Tea Room
Steak with Oolong Sauce
(NT$980/set meal)

Steak with Oolong Sauce Tea and Mince Pork (NT$200)

Chyi Shiang Tea Room
Oolong Tea Salad (NT$160)

Chyi Shiang Tea Room

By Josie Wu Translated by Ann Lee

(02) 2378-3939
18, LeLi Rd
Hours: 12 pm-10 pm
closed Sunday
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

The simple and delicate Chyi Shiang Tea Room stands out among the bars and nightclubs on AnHe road. The shop is a great place to relax with friends or read by yourself and spend some summer hours over a pot or two of good tea and a light meal.

The owner of Chyi Shiang Tea Room, Gal, has been the head of her family's tea business for about 50 years now. Out of a genuine desire for everyone to become familiar with tea and the meals she serves, gal named her place, "You-Cha," which means "exploring tea". As the famous Chinese writer Lu-Xun said, "Having a nice cup of tea, or knowing how to enjoy one is a pure kind of happiness.

" About 10 years ago, Gal started offering a variety of tea meals in the restaurant. She notes, "Tea leaves are one of the most famous Taiwanese products, so when we incorporate tea into our meals, the food becomes true, local cuisine." Keeping that in mind, Gal knows that she needs to provide quality meals for her customers, so she is very particular about everything from purchasing tea leaves to cooking the meals. By refining the leaves herself, she explains that the food's flavor is enhanced.

Try the Oolong Tea Salad (NT$160)Śwhen you first start to eat it, the dish seems like a normal salad, but by the time you reach the bottom, it tastes like juice. Another good pick is Dry Noodles with Tea and Minced Pork (NT$200). Having being in business for so long, Gal has a few classic, signature dishes and meals, like the Steak with Oolong Sauce (NT$980/set meal), which is cooked with soy sauce made from tea, vegetables, and tomato broth. Also, all of the meat at Chyi Shiang is prepared with less oil and salt than other restaurants. Apart from tea leaves, you can also purchase items like tea sugar, tea powder, tea minced pork, and tea chili sauce, as well as their house special plum and beef jerky.

Chyi Shiang Tea Room Chyi Shiang Tea Room

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