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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, September 2007.

Shi Sheng Claypot Frog


Shi Sheng Claypot Frog


Shi Sheng Claypot Frog

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After a 12-year history in Singapore, food (and frog) lovers will get to enjoy this top-notch flavor, midnight snack restaurant right here in Taipei. --By Joan Chang, translated by Ann Lee, photos by Andy Lin

A. Get a Kung-pao Clay Pot Frog with Clay Pot Porridge starting from NT$200, or just the porridge for NT$30-70. To maintain the quality and tenderness of the meat, all frogs are picked according to weight and cooked with onions, leeks and chili. The porridge is made from a combination of Thai rice and Taiwanese glutinous rice. It is all topped with a fragrant, spicy sauce that is a combination of salmon roe, scallops, and shrimp; it's accompanied by a Thai-style dipping sauce. Mango Pumpkin Soup (NT$200) contains mango nectar mixed with peanut butter and onion rinds.

B. Singapore Chili Crab (with 4 fried Chinese bread/ NT$600). The secret to this dish is that the sauce is made with Malaysian-style chili sauce and eggs, where you get to dip in with the fried Chinese bread. Samba Squid (NT$180) is made with chili pepper, dried shrimps and a special Samba sauce. Stir-fried Beans with Samba Paste (NT$120) uses the same Samba paste, but has a different type of spice level to it!


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