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P.S. BuBu

P.S. BuBu

P.S. BuBu

P.S. BuBu

P.S. BuBu

P.S. BuBu

By Dipal Khatri Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

1, Lane 140, ZhongShan N Rd, Sec 7
(02) 2876-0698
Hours: 12-10 pm.
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
MRT: ShiPai

P.S. BuBu is an innovative restaurant that serves classic Western dishes, transporting diners to the era of the "Swinging Sixties". Cut-away Austin Minis and Volkswagen Beetles in glossy pastel shades are "parked" in the restaurant, which also has regular tables and chairs as well as outdoor seating. The retro ambiance is enhanced by colorful U.S. state license plates and vinyl records adorning the walls, as well as parking meters, 1960s gas pumps, a motorbike, a Coca- Cola sofa and other funky decor, which provide plenty of picture-taking opportunities.

P.S. BuBu was established in 1999 by friends and car lovers Ponny and Sean. Offering a variety of Italian and American food cooked by a local chef, P.S. BuBu's pasta dishes are popular because they use fresh seafood, spices and homemade sauces. Highly recommended dishes include Shrimp Pasta Garlic Chili Sauce (NT$280) and Cajun Style Grilled Spare Short Ribs (NT$390), made with tender U.S. beef. Other pasta items include Beef Lasagna (NT$250) and Clam Pasta with White Wine Sauce (NT$260).

If choosing from the restaurant's array of appetizers, soups and salads seems difficult, try their specialty P.S. Chicken Salad (NT$230). For something more unusual, try the Tuna Salad with Red Wine Vinegar Dressing (NT$ 230), or rich appetizers like Cheese Grilled Mussels (NT$170), Escargot Baked with Garlic Butter (NT$ 200), and Buffalo Wings (NT$180). Light meals, like Lamb/Beef/Grilled Chicken Pita Sandwich (NT$220-NT$230) are also on the menu.

P.S. BuBu also has two set meals for individuals. Set A (NT$650) starts with a hearty daily soup, such as Pumpkin or Vegetable Cream. The meal offers a choice of three appetizers, a mixed garden salad, an entree from five options, a choice of freshly brewed coffee or hot tea, and either the Chocolate Cake or Cheese Cake. Set B (NT$490) is the same as Set A, except there's an appetizer and a choice of nine pasta dishes instead of an entree.

Beverages range from refreshing juices (NT$140) to cocktails, such as California Paradise (NT$190), as well as coffees (NT$110 to NT$170). There are also various fruit, herbal and milk teas available (NT$120 to NT$180). P.S. BuBu is known for its creamy milkshakes (NT$180) in tempting flavors including Strawberry, and Oreo for chocoholics. Diners who fancy something sweet should consider a classic dessert such as Banana Split (NT$250).

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