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Mr.Paco Pizzeria

Mr.Paco Pizzeria
A wholesome, braised Mussels
(NT$410) are served with a
rich, creamy soup. Try it with
some warm bread.

Mr.Paco Pizzeria
The Chef's Salad (NT$360) is
fresh lettuce that's covered
with chicken, tomatoes and
Mozzarella. The creative
presentation is pleasant to the

Mr.Paco Pizzeria
Steven's culinary confidential

Mr.Paco Pizzeria
The Black Tagliolini with Squid
(NT$380) is made with
traditional Italian handmade
pasta; it's chewy and tangy.

Mr.Paco Pizzeria



By Tammy Ke Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

23, Alley 4, Lane 345, RenAi Rd, Sec 4
(02) 8771-3102
Hours: 11 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

Mr. Paco is an authentic pizzeria, located in the East District of the city, which has been in business for over a decade. For years, this pizza place has been a popular hangout for members of Taiwan's expat community. Steven, the owner, is a native of Shanxi province in China. After living in Australia for a while, he decided to move to Taiwan to start up Mr. Paco. His culinary expertise has won patronage by all kinds of people, from locals to celebrities.

Steven has always been keen on learning and experimenting with cuisine from all over the world; apart from the pizza varieties, the menu also boasts things like mussels, pasta, and turkey dishes. Steven truly believes in the quality of his food as a fine dining experience--not just as a fast snack food. When it comes to ingredients and recipes, his penchant for quality reveals itself through making everything he can from scratch--from the dough to the pasta, he makes it all himself.

And if you've never had it before, there is nothing quite like homemade pasta. For a treat, try their Black Tagliolini with Squid (NT$380); it has a texture and flavor that is worth savoring. As far as the pizzas go, every pie is a big hit. Steven recommends the Polish Pepperoni with Smoked Salmon and Cheese Cold Plate and the Mozzarella Salad with Seasoned Peppers. The sweet peppers are marinated until they're soft, and the flavor goes great with the cheese and pepperoni. The Pepperoni and Salmon is perfect with a glass of red wine. If you have a hankering for some authentic Italian food or a slice of pizza, Mr. Paco is a nice place to come and enjoy a quality meal prepared by a diligent, passionate chef.

Mr.Paco Pizzeria Mr.Paco Pizzeria
↑The Spicy Tomato Chorizo (NT$390) is a delicious thin crust pizza that's made with fresh ingredients that you can really taste.

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