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Long's Shanghai Restaurant

Long's Shanghai Restaurant

Long's Shanghai Restaurant

Long's Shanghai Restaurant



Great Flavors from Old Shanghai at Long's Shanghai Restaurant

Text and translated by Diva Yang
Photos by Andy Lin

(02) 2331-5078
1, Lane 101, YanPing S Rd
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm
closed third Sun of the month
No service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.
MRT: XiMen Station #4 exit

Sixty years is an amazingly long time for a restaurant to be in business--especially in Taiwan. Long's, which opened back in 1952, is nearing this milestone with no intention of slowing down. Before the clock hits noon, Long's, is already alive with customers enjoying an early lunch. If you ask the friendly manager, Ms. Chu, to recommend a few dishes she'll probably tell you to try the Stewed Carp with Scallions, Baked Mustard Leaf, Sauteed Shrimp, Pickled Mustard Greens with Bai-Yei, and a plate of Baby Taro.

With an appetizer list that's 20 items long, Long's is a great destination to come with a small party. That way the group can have fun sampling all of the different Shanghai-style delicacies, vegetable dishes, and Bean Sprout Soup. The appetizers are about NT$70-80 each and come with enough food to pass around.

Another favorite here is their clay pot selection. Remember to order their Signature Clay Pot (砂鍋三鮮, NT$420/sm, serves 3-4), which comes with homemade egg dumplings, smoked fish, pork stomach, bean noodles, and tofu. The Salted Meat and Fish Clay Pot, made with hard liquor, is a classic Shanghai specialty dish. With such an array of traditional, authentic Shanghai delicacies that can't be found anywhere else, it's no wonder that Long's is still around after all of these years.

Long's Shanghai Restaurant Long's Shanghai Restaurant

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