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New York Sushi

New York Sushi

New York Sushi

New York Sushi

New York Sushi



Fish with a twist at New York Sushi

By Joan Chang Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

11, Lane 51, DaAn Rd, Sec 1
Closed 停業

When it comes to Western-style sushi, almost everyone has heard of, if not eaten, California Rolls. This delicious roll was created in the 1970s by a Japanese sushi chef in Los Angeles. He was well aware that North Americans might have a hard time getting used to munching on straight-up raw fish, so he replaced traditional ingredients with avocado, and added in some crab meat and papaya for good measure. Since then, Western-style sushi has become quite poplar in the States and, in the 1980s, the trend was brought back Japan.

One major difference between "designer" sushi and traditional sushi is the rice; the rice used to make authentic Japanese sushi is actually mixed with vinegar. When it is a bit sour, it takes the edge off of the fish and creates an all around smoother taste. However, with new styles of sushi, the vinegar just isn't necessary. Now there is a place in Taipei where you can have your sushi both ways.

The two owners of New York Sushi, Jackson and Donny, make their sushi joint a place that smartly combines the elements of East and West. After working at a California Roll restaurant back in the U.S., they returned to Taiwan and created new flavors and an arsenal of hundreds of ingredients with which to create sushi treats.

At the moment, the restaurant's Californian Roll selections range from NT$100 to NT$200. While you wait for your rolls, try some of their appetizer dishes, soups, salads, tempuras, or grilled foods (NT$199-439). One of the popular dishes here, called Green Bay (NT$160), comes with a Seaweed Salad and a whole fried prawn. Another recommendation, Tokyo (NT$200), is made with raw salmon, tuna sashimi on vinegar rice, and mayonnaise. The Angel (NT$160), another popular dish, comes with fried fish, shrimp, avocado and fish roe. In addition, you can try their baked and fried dishes, Vegetable Tin Foil Hot Pot (NT$250), and Dried Bonito Soup.

New York Sushi New York Sushi

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