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Written and translated by Diva
Photos by Andy Lin

24, LiShui St; (02) 2391-7331 / 2391-7748
Hours: 11:30 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Minimum NT$160/person.

I am a coffee addict! If you're looking for me, I’m either at a coffee shop or on my way to a cafe. When I walked into Maussac Tea Boutique & Salon for the first time, however, I fell in love with it and tea drinking became my new hobby.

Most people assume that all Western tea houses are influenced by British customs and forget that several European countries, including France, have large populations of tea drinkers. Maussac Tea Boutique & Salon, opened in 2002, follows the French tea tradition, which emphasizes simplicity and homeliness. The store imports more than 100 varieties of tea leaves from all around the globe. No matter how picky your taste may be, it’s impossible to not find something that suits you. To live up to customer expectations, Maussac Tea Boutique & Salon provides a full menu service, including desserts, lunch sets, and French specialties. Only the finest tea can complement the finest cuisine.

Let’s take a look at the impressive tea collection at Maussac Tea Boutique & Salon. Black tea comes from Sir Lanka, India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Kenya. As for green tea, the most popular varieties are from Taiwan, China, and Japan, but it’s the flavored green & black tea from France that makes Maussac unique. If you are highly sensitive toward caffeinated drinks, your best choice is herb tea from southern France. Almost all teas are served either hot or cold and they brew them while you wait, which helps avoid the bitter flavor from over-brewing.

Maussac Tea Boutique & Salon is located in an alley between Yong-Kang shopping district and National Normal University. Many people come here after dinner for tea and dessert. Caramel Pudding (NT$40), one milky French dessert, has an unforgettable taste. The recommended tea to go with caramel pudding is Linden herb tea (NT$180), served either hot or cold. It’s best to add a spoonful of honey to bring out the aroma. If you love red wine, try the Pommes au vin Rouge (NT$60); it has converted many people who swear off desserts into sweets-loving hedonists.

The increasingly popular weekday business lunch has given those nine-to-five folks a chance to take a breather from work. The menu for business lunch sets changes on a weekly basis in order to accommodate people who like variety. For afternoon tea, you can choose a usual dessert platter or a savory dish like Orange Gove (NT$300). It comes with a French crepe, dessert-of-the-day, and a tea of your choice. As summer approaches, try a fried Shrimp with Fruit and Yo Zakura Green Tea (NT$380), it includes bread with herb butter, vegetable soup, Caesar salad, dessert, and a pot of tea.

Maussac Tea Boutique & Salon also provides free wi-fi and just about every table has an outlet nearby. Groups of 10 to 30 can rent the basement space (NT$500) for a little privacy, and every meal comes with a 15%-Off coupon for the shop.

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