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Curry Champ

Curry Champ

Curry Champ

Curry Champ

Exploring all kinds of spicy treats at Curry Champ

By Sharon Huang Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

177, ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4, 2F
(02) 2721-5655
Hours: 11:30 am-12 am,
afternoon tea 2:30-4:30 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
MRT: ZhongXiao/DunHua Station, Exit 1

If you like curry, then you have to make a trip to Curry Champ. The dishes here are filled with creativity, so diners don't just get a lot of quality ingredients in their curries; they also get a lot of variety. The chefs really the take time to come up with a good selection of new, innovative cuisine. If you like something with richer flavors, then try the Rich Opium Curry. This dish is made with apples, bananas, bitter dark chocolate and other stimulating spices that make the sauce quite mild and smooth. It also comes with a healthy portion of beef.

For something a bit different, try the Passion & Desire Curry. Made with mustard and cumin seeds, this curry is spicier and more fragrant than some of the other choices. If you would like to give both of them a try at the same time, then order the Double Desire & Passion Combo Curry (NT$210), which will surely satisfy your curry-loving palate.

There's another secret in the curry sauce at Curry Champ, as well: Instead of stir-frying the sauce with flour like other places, the chefs here use a lot of chopped onions for flavor and consistency. This way, you won't have to worry about consuming too many extra calories in your meal, and the curry itself also becomes rich and flavorful.

Apart from the common curry meals, Curry Champ also serves some summer-themed meals that are affordable and tasty. The first one, Curry Seafood Noodles with Kimchi (served cold, NT$180), is made with Korean-style cold noodles and comes with a unique dressing. Other new items on the menu include Curry Beef with Rice in Kimchi Soup (NT$190) and Fruit & Yogurt Pizza (NT$220). A typical meal here will cost about NT$300 a person, which is pretty reasonable for the busy east shopping district.

Curry Champ Curry Champ

Curry Champ Curry Champ

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