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My best memory from childhood involves a hamburger, waffle fries, and a chocolate milkshake from Foremost.

Written and translated by Diva

(02) 2880-2896
115, ZhongZheng Rd
Hours: 7:30 am-10 pm
MRT: Shilin Station, Exit 1
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.

Perhaps the fact that my birthday is coming up and I'm not getting any younger leaves me with this nostalgic void that I just can't seem to fill. However, that changed the other day as I drove along ZhongZheng Road in Shilin District and saw a familiar name among the signs and bright lights--Foremost 24! Just seeing the name psyched me up; for years I thought this place was long gone.

My relationship with the family-oriented, American-style restaurant started at an early age. I remember clearly that the first time I had any kind of hamburger was at Foremost. When I took the first bite, I immediately fell in love with that big fat juicy taste of the thick beef patty. At that time American food was not readily available in Taiwan and this was before Ronald McDonald arrived on the island. You could probably count the number of places that offered Western cuisine on one hand. Yes, the days of three TV stations and three radio stations, when steaks and sandwiches were a new fad, and ice-cream was a rare treat. In today's eating environment, when food from almost every country is represented in the city, it's difficult to imagine that only a few decades ago Taiwan was receiving food aid from the U.S.

During the last 47 years, as Taiwan has changed dramatically, Foremost has been a silent witness, serving up burgers and fries to generations of families. After my own 20-year hiatus from the restaurant, my yearning for the past led me to its doors with one thing on my mind: a Deluxe Double-Deck Cheeseburger with Bacon (NT$180). Judging from the stack of burger patties, pile of bacon, layers of hamburger buns, and melting cheese, this has to be the best burger for your money in all of Taiwan.

Though I wasn't sure where to begin, I knew what to do next. Nothing goes better with a big, greasy burger than a chocolate milkshake, and it's hard to be a Foremost milkshake. The restaurant even has their own dairy brand that sells milk and ice cream! If you don't like chocolate, try Strawberry or Vanilla; you can also even give their Coffee Ice-Cream Float (NT$145) a whirl.

e old days, steak at Foremost was always served on a sizzling plate and the service now is just the same. The U.S. Top-Choice Ribeye Steak meal (NT$425) comes with bread, salad bar, soft drink and ice cream. If you want to take your own trip down memory lane, try a sweet dessert like Lemon Pie (NT$78) or a UFO Cookie Sundae (NT$145).

Foremost Foremost

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