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Muslim Cuisine

Muslim Cuisine

Muslim Cuisine

Muslim Cuisine

Written and translated by Diva

15, Lane 265, XinYi Rd, Sec 4
(02) 2754-9924, 0989-154-033
Hours: 5:30-11 pm (closed on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month)
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.

While on an aimless stroll about three years ago, I was attracted to the vibrant blue and red exterior of Hui House Muslim Cuisine. The scattered red lanterns hanging off the roof and design elements seemed like something from northern China and I was immediately curious about what exactly they served. The owners, who have had their own voyage across borders exploring Shanghai and Chinese cuisine, have been in the restaurant business for over two decades. After he couple's return to Taipei, this halal-friendly eatery was born.

Although the chance of finding a restaurant that offers Ningxia cuisine is slim, the friendly owners of the Hui House serve just that. The restaurant does not have a spacious dining area but their menu is overflowing with everything from noodles to appetizers, as well as table dishes catering to families and big groups.

Their Ningxia specialty dishes include Hand Grabbed Lamb (NT$260), in which the meat is steamed to keep it tender. The name comes from the habit of Chinese diners who simply grab the meat and put it in their mouths. At Hui's, however, you can expect full table service, complete with dipping sauces like sesame peanut sauce and black vinegar. Another popular dish here is the Steamed Beef with Onions (NT$360), which is made with some spices that are unique to Ningxia, like wolfberry (boxthorn).

The Cumin Baby Lamb (NT$280) is prepared with baby lamb chunks that are stir-fried with cumin and green onions and then stuffed inside baked bread. One dish that goes particularly well with a drink in hand is the slightly spicy and tangy Home-Style Lamb Stomach (NT$180). The Fried Red Snapper (NT$320), another common dish in Ningxia, is made with Lee's own secret recipe. If you are keen on trying something different, then order the 1,000-Year Egg with Ginger (NT$140) or the Jumbo Fish & Lamb Pot (NT$900); be sure to reserve the latter dish three days in advance.

Apart from all the sumptuous meals you see on the menu, there are also simple noodle dishes like the Beef Ramen Soup or Noodles with Tomatoes & Eggs. When the weather gets cooler, Hui's House also offers a range of hot pots.

Muslim Cuisine Muslim Cuisine
Left: Cumin Baby Lamb. Right: Hand Grabbed Lamb.

Muslim Cuisine Muslim Cuisine
Left: Jumbo Fish & Lamb Pot. Right: Home-style Lamb Stomach

Muslim Cuisine Muslim Cuisine
Left: 1,000-Year Egg with Ginger. Right: Steamed Beef with Onions

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