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Grilled Beef

Silk Vally

The Chaine des Rotisseurs
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Chaine Chef Special Pick of the Month-Grilled Beef

By Scott Moses Translated by Uvia Chang
Photos by Andy Lin

Silk Vally
(02) 2862-6217
46, Lane 500, YongGong Rd, Yangmingshan
Hours: 10 am-10 pm (closed Mondays)
MRT: Shilin Station, Bus 303
Cedit cards only accepted in spa.
Parking available.

Chef: Alan Lee Chef: Alan Lee

This month we are lucky enough to have a sit down with Chef Alan Lee of Silk Valley on Yangmingshan. At his restaurant, he taught me about his fantastic array of dishes, which are 100% organic. He has managed to produce an interesting range of East meets West fusion dinning and, this month, has chosen to introduce us to his personal variation of Grilled Beef (岩板牛排 NT$750).

Ingredients of Grilled Beef

Ingredients of Grilled Beef

Beef ( 8 oz), pepper, herbs--your choice (Chef Lee suggests lemon grass and rosemary), bell peppers, olive oil (1 pinch) , sea salt (pinch) , soy sauce (1 pinch), red wine (1 pinch), and mushrooms. All ingredient amounts can be adjusted to taste.

1. Massage beef for about 10-15 minutes
2. In a small bowl, mix olive oil, sea salt, red wine, soy sauce, and herbs. Add beef. Cover and marinate in refrigerator for 2 days.
3. Place marinated beef on a heated grill. Drizzle with red wine. Cover meat with metal pot lid and BBQ for about 5 minutes. Uncover meat and grill normally.
4. Sautee sliced mushrooms in olive oil. Add pepper.
5. Slice fresh bell peppers into circles. Delicately arrange sliced beef and mushrooms inside the bell pepper circles.

Steps Steps

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