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Taiwanese Food Court

Taiwanese Food Court

Taiwanese Food Court

221, ChiShan Rd, Sec 2
(inside the National Palace Museum's
Grand Formosa Building)
(02) 2882-9393
Hours: 11:30 am- 9:30 pm (opens 11 am holidays)
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

While Tainan, Lukang and Banqiao are three historically prominent towns in Taiwan's political and economic development, Tainan is also famed for its rich dining culture. The Grand Formosa Corporation and Tainan's well-known Chi-Kan Tan Zae Noodles restaurant have created a selection of Taiwanese cuisine that can now be savored at the Taiwanese Food Court in the National Palace Museum. This place offers diners traditional Taiwanese delicacies from different parts of the island. Banquet set menu meals include An Pin's Mixed Preserved Fruits, Golden Fried Shrimp Rolls, Marinated Pig Trotter with Bamboo Shoots, Miniature Rice Dumplings, Tainan Style Shrimp Meatballs, Thick Fish Soup, Miaokow Taro Cake, Tainan Rice Cake in a Bowl and others. The 11-course Tainan Delicacy Feast (NT$450) really allows you to enjoy a good range of Tainan's delectable specialty dishes, which are exqusitely presented. The Taiwanese Food Court also features other traditional dishes like Rice with Pork Lard, Rice with Mullet Roe, Miaokow Rice Cake cooked in barrel, Noodles with Pig's Trotter and Peanuts, Tainan Coffin Board (local specialty dish), An Pin's Fried Oysters, Steamed Pork with Mashed Garlic, Mixed Vegetable and Meat Soup, Mixed Chinese Pastries, Handmade Tofu Pudding, Winter Melon Tea, and Shaved Ice with Sweet Rice Cake. Over 50 very authentic and unique treats (starting at NT$18) can be tried a la carte or as part of a set meal. Minced pork--a key ingredient in Tainan's specialty dish, Pork Minced Noodles (or Tan Zae Noodles)--is delivered daily in a specially-sealed package from Tainan. Other great selections like Shrimp Soup and Tainan's Milkfish specialty dish, are also used in making authentic, local Tainan dishes like Milkfish Noodle Soup, An Pin's Milkfish Stomach Porridge, and Milkfish Stomach Soup. Now all of these can be savored in metropolitan Taipei. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

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