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Strawberry Delight

Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro

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Chaine Chef Special Pick of the Month-Strawberry Delight

By Scott Moses Translated by Uvia Chang
Photos by Andy Lin

Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro
(02) 2831-4592
5, DeXing W Rd
Hours: deli: 7 am-10 pm; bistro: 7:30 am-10:30 pm
MRT: ZhiShan Station
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Chinese/English menu. Smoking section available.
Parking available in nearby Carrefour parking lot.

Chef: Michael WendelChef: Michael Wendel

We once again have the pleasure of introducing one of Taipei's finest chefs, Michael Wendel. A German who has resided in Taipei for over 20 years now, Chef Wendel has a master's degree in baking and produces some of the finest baked goods one will ever have the privilege of tasting. This month, he takes us into the back room (where the magic happens) of his establishment, Wendel's German Bakery and Bistro, and teaches us how to make a tasty dish, Strawberry Delight (large NT$365, small NT$195).

Ingredients of Strawberry Delight

Flour 100g, milk 125g, egg yolks 60g, egg whites 90g, a dash of salt, sugar 50g, Strawberries 250g, butter 50g

1. Take the milk, egg yolks and salt and mix them together.
2. Prepare the sugar and egg whites in a separate bowl. Then take your Step 1 mixture and beat/mix the two together.
3. Take your mixture and fry it until you have a golden-brown pancake. Then randomly cut your pancake into random-sized pieces.
4. Finally, take your cut-up pancake, mix it together with chopped-up pieces of strawberry, sprinkle sugar on top, and enjoy a delightful snack!

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