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Tokyo Curry


Tokyo Curry


Tokyo Curry

(02) 2771-1110
10, Alley 32, Lane 216, ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
MRT: ZhongXiao/DunHua Station, Exit 3

This Japanese-style eatery was founded after its Japanese owner traveled to Taiwan in search of the most authentic curry dishes. Because he failed to find what he was looking for over multiple visits, he determined he would bring Taiwanese connoisseurs the greatest original curry dishes via his own establishment. The secret to the flavorful curry sauce offered here is the large amounts of vegetables--like carrots, apples and onions--added to the soup stock used to create the sauces. This also accents the curry's sweeter flavors. Throughout the cooking process, the chef must keep stirring the contents of the pot, then turn off the heat and let it simmer. This process, however, needs to be repeated over a period of three days in order to form the multiple layers of rich flavors that the owner believes are authentic and tasty. --By Karen Lin, translated by Ann Lee

A. The two sole parts to signature curry dishes at Tokyo Curry are "rice" and "sauce". As Executive Chef and owner Mr. Kasepa Kehiko proudly notes, "We house a custom-made rice cooking kiln to cook our rice, so that all the rice can be cooked at balanced heat, which is different from the more loose and slippery rice texture that you get elsewhere in Taiwan. We turn off the heat when the rice turns slightly hard and let it simmer. This means that when it is mixed with the curry sauce, it can instantly absorb the curry's rich flavors."

B. Currently, this authentic curry eatery offers its dishes in limited amounts, until they are sold out. One very popular dish is the Two-colored Curry (NT$270), made with chicken leg meat, and U.S. imported beef. Due to the different cuts of meat used to create these dishes, as well as the difference in the meat quality, you can enjoy rich, creamy curry textures in the chicken dish, while savoring a lighter, refreshing texture in the beef dish.

東京咖哩C. Another highly-recommended dish at Tokyo Curry is the Vegetable Curry (NT$250), made with specially-selected seasonal vegetables. Before being mixed with a flavorful curry sauce, the vegetables are first fried in a wok, which helps them to fully absorb the sauce.

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