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Although Ms. Daiyu Qiu has run a German bistro over the past decade or so, she now has opened another restaurant named "Imbiss", meaning "street delicacy" in German. The idea is to share authentic German-style cuisine that she has learned over years of marriage to her German husband. While most people associate German food with pig knuckles and various types of sausages, Ms. Qiu notes that there is more to it than that, with other dining cultures providing influences over the nation's history. Turkish, Greek and Italian immigrants all made an impact and today a variety of these "multicultural" delicacies can be enjoyed across Germany. Despite arguments that these influences have diluted authentic German-style cuisine, they are a reality and can be enjoyed at Imbiss. "We offer what is commonly enjoyed by the locals in Germany, and the 'multicultural' dishes are even more fun!" notes the friendly Qiu, who hopes her guests will gain a greater apppreciation for the diversity of German cuisine at her restaurant. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. Ever wonder what a German-style pizza tastes like? Although considered a street delicacy, portions served at Imbiss are very generous. The Turkish Pizza with Beef and Salami (German-style, NT$159) is a popular dish. Chefs hand-roll the pizza dough, then smear a homemade tomato and minced beef sauce on top, adding other ingredients like salami, sweet peppers and cheese. Then it's sent to the oven for a golden, crusty finish. This dish is best enjoyed with a glass of Warsteiner draft beer (NT$120, 300cc).

B. Turkish Vegetable Pizza (German-style, NT$159) has layers of goat cheese and yogurt dressing. Vegetarian diners will enjoy this flavorful dish, not to mention those who enjoy a rich, creamy texture to their pizza.

C. German Currywurst and French Fries with Ketchup and Mayonnaise (NT$230)--This is a well-known "Imbiss" dish in Germany, with sausages flavored with curry powder and served with what seems like tomato sauce. Meanwhile, the fries on the side are served with both ketchup and mayonnaise. This typical German dish is enjoyed by the locals and can easily be sampled by ordering your own serving!

D. Lamb Kebab with Vegetables and Tzatziki sauce, served in Turkish Bread (Berlin-style, NT$159)-- Notes Ms. Qiu, "You will not get the true Imbiss experience until you try this Turkish-influenced dish. This is a local delicacy that my husband and I always have when we take our vacation in Germany." This wholesome burger is sprinkled with sesame seeds, with all the ingredients stuffed inside a Turkish-style bread. At serving, the bread is sliced into two halves and served with a Greek-style yogurt dressing as well as cucumbers, chopped garlic and lamb brisket, all seasoned with tzatziki sauce.

E. There are about a total of 20 different European-style desserts to be savored at Imbiss, but they are usually not all available at the same time--check with the staff to see what's on the menu for the day. Many people simply call to reserve their selection of desserts!

F. The restaurant interior is decorated with a soothing green and orange color theme that creates a simple yet comfortable dining ambiance. Currently, there are a total of 22 entrees on the menu, each with two prices: Set A (NT$180-300) means that apart from the main course you also get to enjoy a salad or soup dish, two German-style appetizers, a dessert dish and "bottomless" beverage (cold beverages/hot coffee/hot tea). Or choose Set B (NT$130-270) to enjoy the entree plus a bottomless beverage.


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