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CHAMKAR Vegetarian Eatery

CHAMKAR Vegetarian Eatery

CHAMKAR Vegetarian Eatery

By Josie
Translated by Erica Lin

7, Lane 50, ZhongCheng Rd, Sec 2, Taipei City.
(02) 2838-3400
Hours: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5:30 pm-9:30 pm, closed on Mondays.
10% Service Charge, Credit Cards Not Accepted, Chinese/English Menu Available.

Meaning "garden" in Cambodian, CHAMKAR is a cozy eatery with a small garden right at the entrance. French owner, Nicolas Devaux, has been running restaurants from Cambodia to Taiwan. Even though Cambodia is wedged between Thailand and Vietnam, its food is more similar to Thai food; only a bit sweeter, and less spicy. CHAMKAR features unprocessed, fresh vegetarian food, using mushrooms and organic fruits and vegetables in all their dishes. Transforming simple, healthy ingredients into traditional Cambodian dishes with a French cooking techniques, chef Devaux obtains a balance in all these difference elements. Rediscovering Tofu, Cambodia Wedding and CHAMKAR spring rolls are all popular choices amongst foodies. Enjoy CHAMKAR's set meal (around NT$280/lunch, NT$340 or NT$390/dinner) that includes appetizer, soup, entree, and desert. Taste the aromatic herbal spices in the exotic food without too many added unnatural flavorings.

A: Definitely not a fast food joint, Nicolas' puts time and effort into preserving the original taste of food, refusing to use MSG, and cooking right at the moment guests order.

B: Rediscovering Tofu: This healthy and delicious dish is made by wrapping curry peanuts fried with pumpkin into traditional tofu, dipped in onion sauce and sliced cucumber. Free refill on semi-polished rice.

C: This aromatic Cambodian curry is made with sweet potato, baby tomatoes, beans and Cambodian spices, intertwining soft and crunchy textures in the pot.

D: Maintaining a good distance between all tables, gray and orange walls surround this simple, opened atmosphere.

CHAMKAR Vegetarian EateryB. CHAMKAR Vegetarian EateryC.

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