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SRH Noodle Bistro

SRH Noodle Bistro

SRH Noodle Bistro

SRH Noodle Bistro

SRH Noodle Bistro

SRH Noodle Bistro

SRH Noodle Bistro

By Josie
Translated by Angel Pu

45, Lane 128, JingYe 1st Rd, Taipei City
(02) 8501-1180
Hours: 11:30 am-1 am,Fri-Sat 11:30 am-2 am
No service charge. Credit cards accepted. English menu available.

When talking about common Taiwanese dishes like egg fried rice and beef noodles, there is no such thing as “the most authentic” because every family and every eatery has its own style. SRH--double Hsu in Chinese-- was founded by the brothers Chris and Walter Hsu online on April, 2009. The brand’s stylish black-and-white design and quality ingredients make it unique in Taiwan’s online frozen noodles industry. The brand was famous for using Spanish cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, low fat ground pork, organic dried tofu, low-temperature fried noodles and no preservative. In 2011, the brand opened its first store/restaurant in Neihu so customers could buy and take the products on site. One year later, SRH finally opened SRH Noodle Bistro in Dazhi. The new store creatively combines stylish atmosphere with Chinese noodles and western wines. The diners can see the carefulness of SRH from many details and know that even traditional Taiwanese noodles that we’re so familiar with can have a totally different take.

A. Minced Pork & Tomato Sauce Noodles (large NT$380/set; small NT$350/set) contains two kinds of fresh tomatoes; no water, no canned tomatoes nor tomato paste is used, so the flavor and aroma of tomatoes are outstanding. The thin noodles go well with the sauce and the store’s recommended Spanish white wine Torres, Vina Esmeralda, 2012 (add additional NT$150).

B. SRH’s Noodles with Soybean Paste is surprisingly refreshing and light, and the handmade flat thick noodles contain no preservatives. A set (large NT$280; small NT$250) comes with noodles, a chicken soup or Chinese flower tea with shredded papaya salad, and fried shredded meat with mushrooms as appetizers. The noodles go well with Dona Paula Los Cardos Malbec 2012 from Argentina (add additional NT$150). According to the restaurant, it’s best to start eating the noodles within 4-6 minutes as soon as it’s served.

C. As a bistro, it’s no surprise that SRH provides dishes that pair well with wine. Although resembling the fried chicken you’ve seen from the street vendors, Homemade Fried Chicken Nuggets (NT$150) is marinated with miso paste and rice wine first, then deep-fried. The de-boned, crispy delicacy still has major differences comparing to street vendor fried chicken.

D. The well-trained, young staff can not only make cocktails but also cook delicious noodles at the bar.

E. SRH’s atmosphere is best after dark. Stirring the noodles on the table and taking a sip of the wine is a surprisingly unique Chinese food dining experience.

F. The long-shaped restaurant has a private room and a total of 50 indoor and outdoor seats.

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