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2nd Floor

15, Ho-Ping West Road, Sec.1, 2Floor
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Have an Adventure at 2nd Floor

By Hsiao-Nah Sah Translated by Tiger Yang

       Friends call me a hermit, but there's not much I can do about the teasing. The fact is I like going to places like Underground Society, Saint Area and Messages on Riverbank, which are, conincidentally also located in basements. I've never been that crazy about electronic music or rave culture until my friends dragged me into ¡¥2nd Floor.¡¦

       Whats so special about ¡¥2nd Floor?¡¦ It exists for people who know how to have fun and who are eager for more! Different attractions are billed everyday. For example, Wednesdays are Lady's Nights, so ladies enjoy complimentary drinks and free entrance. Now, isn't that tempting? Wednesday nights offer mainly Funk, Soul and House music. On Fridays, customers are treated to Electric Dance, while on Saturdays the well-known DJ Cliff controls the party. Gay Parties are held on Sunday afternoons with a Sunrise Party in the evening from 9pm to 5am next morning.

       OK...let's review ¡¥2nd Floor¡¦ from the eyes of a hermit. After check-in (routine checks for ID's and restricted items) I opened the door and was bombarded by pink and green laser beams. I could make out the shapes of people moving about and I could feel the music moving the place. My friend couldn't wait to drag me through the crowds to the dance floor.

       ¡¥2nd Floor¡¦ is divided into two parts. One includes a DJ table and dance area where lights flicker across a white cloth hung from the ceiling, and cloth strips are suspended from the center of the ceiling to create an otherworldly space. Crowds of people congregate here, dancing and swaying to the music. An oval bar area is in the back part where contented people sit on high stools enjoying the spontaneous cocktail show performed by bar tenders. Low gray couches surround the bar area for chilling out and for a bit of people watching through beaded curtains.

       It's a Sunday afternoon, but the place is kickin'. There, you have it--a look at ¡¥2nd Floor¡¦ from the eyes of a hermit.

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