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TU Discotheque

249, FuXing South Road, Sec. 1, B1. Taipei
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TU celebrates its 11th anniversary

By Cheryl Robbins Tranlated by Sam Chien

       TU's name, an abbreviation of Taipei Underground, is based on location. Housed in the basement of a commercial building on Fu Xing South Road near Ren Ai Road, TU is an international-style pub/dance club that has been one of the city's most popular nightlife spots for the past 11 years. According to Gary Chen, TU's Vice-President, it's also one of the longest-running pubs in Taipei.

      When asked about TU's success, Chen replies that he and his two partners have worked hard to build a combination of great management and great music.

      In addition to DJs that play everything from hip hop to pop to 80's funk, TU hires outstanding bands. Chen explains that his job offers the chance to travel around the world, so whenever he encounters a good act on the road he wastes no time in extending an invitation to perform in Taipei. Musicians are always happy with the gig and spread the word that TU is a great place to play. It's no surprise then that many performers seek out the place themselves.

      Another secret to success is that TU is constantly updated. For example, work is underway to redo the bar. Afterwards, champagne and fine wines will be added to the drink menu.

      Yet, not everything changes at TU. Chen explains, "Actually, a lot of people don't realize that our Budweiser and Heineken have always been priced at NT$100. No other club in Taipei sells beer for just NT$100. So, for people who love to dance and drink beer, TU is perfect." And the crowd is diverse - locals, celebrities, foreigners and sports stars. Chen adds, "It's a good mix. It makes TU an active, happy place."

      Chen sums up the company vision by saying, "TU's goal is to last and last." Six years ago, when the chance to purchase the present location came about, the partners wasted no time in making the investment - the owners are committed to making sure that TU continues to be one of Taipei's hottest party spots.

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