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Bamboo Lounge Bar

Bamboo Lounge Bar
16, Lane 75, YungKang Street, 1F
(02) 2343-5679
Hours: 1 pm-12 midnight(Tues-Thurs & Sun); 1 pm-2 am(Fri & Sat) ; closed Mon

Bamboo Lounge Bar is tucked away in a quiet alley behind busy YungKang Street. Its fluorescent green signage is very eye-catching, and can be easily spotted from a distance away. Opened just six months ago, this lounge bar has already attracted a crowd of regulars, and the waiters and waitresses find themselves serving many familiar faces.

The decor is strikingly modern. The large white sofas and dark wooden tables help create Bamboo's cool, ultra hip atmosphere. Each table is lit only by a small candle; the interior is therefore quite dark. This is fundamental to the modern, cool ambience that the owner is trying to create.

Unlike many lounge bars around the city, Bamboo plays French music, because of the owner's liking for French culture and music. A hands-on boss, she makes all the desserts served at Bamboo. Her cakes and handmade biscuits (served in coffee and almond flavors) are favorites with the customers.

Afternoon tea is served from 1 pm and 5 pm every day; desserts are NT$50 each during this period. The hot food selection is quite impressive--don't miss the Pizza Toast (NT$80) and the famous French Cheese Bread (NT$70) if you want something light. After 5:30 pm, French Fries, Fried Cheese Sticks and even dumplings are served for those who are seriously hungry.

Boddingtons (NT$200) is one of the most popular beers here. It's served from a can, from due to the container's unique design, the beer arrives with a head of froth. The bartender--the owner's brother--also makes an excellent Lychee Cocktail (NT$200), and is open to challenges to make other cocktails not on the menu.



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