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Few of Taipei's restaurants-cum-watering holes are thrilling places for both daytime and dinner guests, but Carnegie's is one such place. When asked two years ago (you can see the February 2002 article on our website, www.taiwanfun.com) where he thought the business would be two years from now, general manager Bob Marshall said: "If you asked, I'd say we'd still be right here throwing the party."

There you almost have it. Carnegie's nightlife is legend, its parties are unique and generous. But for an ol' water boy like me, the afternoons on the veranda are made of pure watering-hole lore.

Whether you are sipping Jack and Cokes, violating a fine bottle of red, or draining Old Speckled Hens, there is no better place to play hooky from work, unless of course drinking is your job, than on the veranda at Carnegie's nearly any day of the week.
Here is how it's done: Pick your seat, preferably with your back to the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel so that you can take in the magnificent view of Taipei 101, and also nod to the pedestrians walking up and down AnHe Road. Order your poison and fire up your laptop so that you can check your e-mail, write a report, or otherwise hoodwink the office into thinking you are working hard.

Eventually you'll converse with a stockbroker, a CEO, a DJ, a hotel owner, a Rolls Royce peddler, a wine merchant or two, a teacher, a tailor, a pedestrian--or even the patron water boy, Mr. Marshall himself. Finally, sit and while away the afternoon. The conversation is bound to be lively. If you've done it right you'll be leaving just as the party's starting; if you've done it wrong you'll be dancing on the bar until next June.

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