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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, September 2004.

Jacks Country Pub

Jacks Country Pub
8, ChungYi St., TianMu
Tel: (02) 2833-1818
Hours: 5 pm-1 am (open to 2 am weekends)
All Major Credit Cards Accepted




"I love this bar" sings American Country Music idol Toby Keith about his local pub, and so say I about Jack's Country Pub in Tienmu. I may be an ABC but I'll have ya'll know that "country" stands for country music, and I get it in spades while sipping from a pitcher of San Miguel draft (NT$300) and stomping my boots at this cozy place, opened four years ago by the elder statesman of Taipei pub's, Jack Wang. He has been behind the bar for over 30 years, starting at his dad's old place, called "Lucky" and once located on ChungHua and BoAi roads, but now a distant memory to all but a few old American GIs.

The bar seems small but that belies its big attitude and wicked taste in humor, and there are two floors (the basement is used for Taipei Volunteer Fire Department meetings, parties, and dart matches for the Tienmu, ex. Taipei, Darts League). Take the memorabilia on the walls, for example. Nobody is spared from the humor, and that's the way it should be. Every bad and tasteless, sexual, political, and self-effacing joke known to man is represented there, along with some tasty shots of Bud Girls in bikinis. So is 30 years of community history and American G.I. influence (how do you think the Country Music got into Jack in the first place?). Jack started the Tienmu Darts League so, naturally, you will find a lot of dart players hanging about. Jack has also been with the Volunteer Fire Department for some 46 years! I've never been called up," he says with a grin. "But we have a great time fund-raising for charity events and socializing."

The food is hearty and tasty--steaks, charbroiled chicken, pork chops and more, all served with fries and salad. Chinese dishes are done simply and with good flavor.
Just one last thing to say before I dive into that third pitcher of San Miguel: Wear your cowboy boots and get ready for some rowdy, honky tonking, foot stomping music, as it's just country and only country. You won't find that anywhere else in Taipei or on the island, I wager to bet!

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