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Rock and Roll's Hsinchu Home: B-52

33-39, MinZu Rd, Hsinchu
Tel: (03) 528-5091
Hours: 7:30 pm - 3:30 am
Credit Cards Accepted



The MinZu Road bar area in Hsinchu has grown to include quite a few great options, from the party spot Flying Pig to smaller, more personal watering holes like the amusingly named 4Q2. A true legend, long-time standout and fun hotspot is the more medium-sized B-52. With five years of history, this spot has quite a few friends and strong name recognition. The inspiration for B-52 came when friendly co-owner Sidney Tan realised he needed something to do with his huge collection of vinyl records of classic 1960s and 1970s rock and roll. Teaming up with some friends, he set out to provide a great spot for lovers of the genre to meet and hang out.

There is no question they have succeeded and have grown to build a large and loyal customer base of both foreigners (about 1/3 of the crowd) and Taiwanese men and women. One customer was so loyal, and so sad to leave Taiwan without leaving something behind that he donated one of his guitars to hang on the wall- a true testament to B-52's ability to become a second home to many. The decor is choc-a-bloc with rock and roll paraphernalia, with guitars, tambourines, posters and framed album covers. The huge vinyl collection immediately catches the eye, especially for those of us old enough to remember having our collections.

Sidney is a great DJ, and the crowd clearly enjoys his great collection and his knowledge of it. Bottled beer starts at NT$120 and cocktails start at NT$160. The most popular cocktail is, not surprisingly, the B-52 which runs at NT$180. Their most famous dish is the Hong Za Ji Meal (Deep Fried Chicken - AF£gAuA\) for NT$200.

If you like a classic bar with classic music as much as I do, be sure to check out Hsinchu's B-52!.....By Coutney Donovan Smith Translation by Uvia Chang

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