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Fun & Funky 4Q2

*33-50, MinZu Rd, Hsinchu City
*Tel: (03) 521-0387
*Hours: Tue-Sat: 6 pm-late, Sun: 12 - 8 pm


"This is the little bar around the corner where you feel welcome", is the description partners Nunu Sun and Nigel Shute provided when asked what they felt was best about their establishment. There is no better description for this unique establishment.

4Q2 has enough interesting features for a far longer article than this space allows. Early in the evening and on Sundays, this spot is known for it's great "American roadhouse-style food". From the homemade bread to the hand-cut fries, there is a clear devotion to making simple, high-quality Western classics-a fact borne out by the large number of Westerners that are regular devotees. Top picks include the Banquet Burger (NT$220), the Fish & Chips (NT$320) and the only hot dogs in town (NT$190-230). The most popular meal, however, is their huge Sunday Breakfast (NT$250) featuring servings of just about every breakfast favourite imaginable from the English-speaking world, on a plate the size of a small microwave. Sometimes, the breakfast crowd is so large it spills out into the streets. 4Q2 is also popular with music lovers, boosting more than 65,000 MP3s. If they don't have a song, there is a good chance they can find it for you. Others come for the sports and, indeed, this pub could be called a "sports bar". There is plenty of sports paraphernalia, including autographed items by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, the entire gold medal winning Canadian hockey team, baseball great Joe Dimaggio and, somewhat incongruesly, George Bush Sr. The sports theme will only grow stronger with the recent addition of satellite TV sports.

As if there isn't enough entertainment already, novelty games, activities and events are frequently added to the mix. Some of these events raise money for charity, and 4Q2 is one of the top doners in the city for a local orphanage. Finally, for fans of truly ice-cold beer, be sure to order your bottled beer (NT$130) or can or bottle of English Ale (NT$150-200) from their large wooden beer tub filled with ice. Draught beer lovers can indulge with NT$150 for a large 500cc mug.

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