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Lane 86

(02) 2367-1532
7, Lane 86, XinSheng S. Rd, Sec. 3
Hours: 7 pm-2 am, Fri/Sat 7 pm-3 am
Credit cards not accepted.
MRT: GongGuan

--By Claire Tyrell Translated by Liu Fang Ru

GongGuan, Lane 86. No more needs to be said about this popular, cosy bar -- which has certainly withstood the tests of time in the sometimes fickle Taipei bar scene. Walk in and you'll find an old-style bar, bedecked with nostalgic posters of big-screen classics and musical greats, blissfully unaware that time is flying by outside. Then settle in as cool music from the CD collection continues on, and the volume of conversation rises as the night grows later.

And, the next nice surprise...the prices are incredibly reasonable. Many of the spirits can be bought by the glass or the bottle, with a glass of most vodkas, liqueurs, gins or tequila just NT$130. Whiskey ranges from NT$130 to NT$250, and the selection of beers ranges from NT$100 to NT$160.

Of course, there is the good-sized cocktail menu. You could have a Black Russian for NT$180, Sex on the Beach for NT$220, or the most expensive Around the World. This mix of gin, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, brandy and juice will set you back NT$350, but leave you spinning from the journey.
If the munchies set in, snacks include nuts, tofu, popcorn (all NT$50) or squid (NT$150). Grab a sandwich for between NT$80 and NT$120, a pizza for NT$120 to NT$180, or a Pepper Beef Slice/Chili Chicken Cube with rice, soup and non-alcoholic drink (NT$150).

On a Friday or Saturday night, this small place gets busy and they won't see you off until 3 a.m. At that point, if you are still determined to party on, Lane 86 will certainly leave you with enough money in your pocket to see it through to the very end.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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