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The roof is on fire!

302, WenLin Rd
Tel: (02) 2888-1220
Hours: 11 am-2 am; 11 am-3 am
Credit cards not accepted. Smoking allowed.
Parking available.
MRT: ShiLin Station

--By Charles McHale Translated by Liu Fang Ru

Orange is Taipei's own fire dance troupe. On Friday nights in Shilin, they deliver their home stage performance in a space smaller than an MRT car. Dancers take turns spinning, twirling and occasionally breathing flames inches from the packed audience.
The dancers use poi (oil-dipped wicks on chains), flaming staffs, devil sticks and a few tricks of their own to bring you the fire. Their dancing style and music varies with each performer, from an acrobatic limbo under a flaming staff to sultry hips swaying between spiraling poi. It's an exhilarating option for surprising friends or a date.

Orange Music Cafe is the Xie sister's answer to the perfect cafe. They opened four years ago; Joyce manages, Mini runs the kitchen, and Paula leads the fire dancing. It's just across the street from Exit 2 of Shilin MRT and, appropriately, its Chinese name is "Trainspotting Cafe". Coming in off the street, it's a great place to grab a shot of Illy espresso (NT$100/ NT$130 for the latte) and meet friends on your way to the Shilin Night market. The second floor has tables, couches and booths for those who have more time, and is layered with art and unusual decor.

Orange is a full-service cafe, including bar. The menu is wide open, from set dinners (NT$240 and up) to snacks and dessert. Try the Thai chicken with Mini's tangy sauce. The kitchen is open for dinner until 9:30, serving snacks afterwards. Snacks include a Chicken Caesar Salad and other satisfying dishes, so you won't go hungry.
Don't forget to check out the roof! Enjoy the open-air, covered deck all summer long, sipping Mango Lassi (NT$130) by day or Mojitos (NT$250) at night. The fire dancing starts after 10 p.m. and be sure to ask Paula about upcoming performances. Orange fire dancers appear at outdoor festivals all over Taiwan (available for booking).

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