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Bartender's Night Out

--By Frans Kunst Translated by Tre Gordon

This month Taiwan Fun kicks off a new series of features that will change from month to month. We all know our favourite spots to go hang out, but where does a professional bartender go when not working at their own establishment? Taiwan Fun tagged along and partied with Alvin Chang , a bartender at Fresh (7, JinShan South Road, Section 2), a bar and dance club popular in the gay community.

7:25 pm.
After sleeping in and doing afternoon shopping it is time to get a first drink on the outside terrace of The In House, a lounge bar on 90, SongRen Road -- a great spot to enjoy the music and people-watch. It is spacious enough so you can easily barge in with a group of friends and still find a seat. Not having eaten yet we kept it to one drink.

8:28 pm.
For a long night of bar-hopping and clubbing the stomach needs a good layer of protection, so we head out for dinner. We wanted to stay in the same area in order not to waste any money on taxis. We walked to the American restaurant Chilli’s on the second floor of Neo 19 on 22, SongShou Road. Had a good meal there and of course another drink to get in the mood.

9:46 pm.
Time to head on. Just across the street we went to the famous jazz club Brown Sugar at 101, SongRen Road. A dark, cosy restaurant and club that's a good spot to sit down for a drink (or two) and enjoy the live music on stage.

11:30 pm
Time to kick up the pace of the music a bit! We walk back a few blocks and head into Bar Code, a dance club on 18, SongShou Road, B1. No need to make a reservation on a weekday. That’s our final destination, so we throw down a few more beers and later investigate up close what colour the table is.

1:45 am.
Time to get a taxi and go home after a fun night out. Thanks Alvin!


Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.

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