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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, November, 2006.

Clair's Vineyard

33-2, NongAn St, 2F; (02) 2596-2262
Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30 pm-2 am
MRT: /MinQuan W Rd
Credit cards accepted.
Smoking Section.
Parking available nearby.

--- By Claire Tyrell Translated by Wynnce Weng

Owner Clair says that her idea here was to provide a comfortable space where people could try good wines. To coax Taiwanese habits away from "harder" drinks to the quality grape, and to encourage savouring, rather than drinking to excess. In this way, enjoying wine can become part of a healthy lifestyle.
The decoration is of the same rich red as wine and, for an atmosphere conducive to the activity at hand as well as discussions with friends, the music is mostly jazz or old-style classics and ballads. In the past Clair has arranged wine tastings and evenings for various societies, and is keen to continue doing so.

Whiskeys and beers (NT$120-200) are available, but wine is really what they favour. However, rather than offer an overly-big selection, they prefer to offer a small, well-selected choice. Between them, the featured bottles have received much recognition in the wine industry, so you can be sure you are drinking quality from Chile, Europe and Australia. Wines start at NT$800 a bottle (NT$200/glass) and one highly recommended is the prize-winning Hugo Casanova Founder's Reserve 1999 Don Aldo (NT$2,800). From Chile, this deep-red Cabernet Sauvignon is a sophisticated wine and the product of three generations of expertise.

We also tried the extra-special J. Dupont Grande Champagne Cognac XO (NT$4,500/350). The enjoyment begins with the nose and continues to the taste buds where, with a tasting age of 25 years, this mellow cognac lingers on the palette for around 10 minutes. Perhaps complete the ensemble with one of the cigars on offer.
Although food is not prepared here, they have a selection of menus from local restaurants and can order in, so you certainly need not go hungry.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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