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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, February, 2007.

Cocktail : Asia de Brasil

---By Josie Wu Translated by Ann Lee

Bartender: Ernesto Lechthaler

This month, we introduce one of Ernesto's recommended cocktails.
Asia de Brasil (NT$280) nicely complements Thai cuisine (The famous Sukhothai
Restaurant is next door). Ernesto ingeniously incorporates the sugar cane rum
Cachaca, representing Brazil's flavors, with lemon grass, commonly used in Thai
cuisine, to create a unique flavor. The bartender's creativity continues with his other
cocktails, as he makes Kinmen Gaoliang liquor part of the Taiwonder (NT$280);
and creates the Cappucio (NT$280), which resembles chocolate mousse. All three
are marvelous cocktails to delight in.

Want the kind of cocktails that VIPs at events like the FIFA World Cup and Oscar awards ceremony drink? The Moet Lounge Bar, located on the Taipei Sheraton's second floor, invited cocktail master Ernesto Lechthaler, who has worked for the chairmen of these grand international events, to showcase his talents.

3/4 oz Monin
Sugar Cane Syrup

1 and 3/4 oz
Cachaca (Brazilian
Sugar Cane Rum)

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

3 sticks of lemon grass
(cut in the middle)

Directions: Add all above contents into a glass with crushed ice, stir well.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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