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-- By Shanzi Chen Translated by Sho Huang

65, JiangGuo North Rd, Sec 2, B1
(02) 2516-1642?2516-1643
Hours: 10 pm-3 am
(open to 5 am Fri/Sat/holidays)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

A tiny glass of Bacardi Rum--a hardcore, 151-proof (75.5% alcohol) liquor--heats up your body within seconds and is the inspiration of the bar's name. Although situated right on a main road, it is easy to miss 151's entrance, which looks like a randomly-erected tent with a "151" neon sign on top. Walking down the stairs, the bar slowly opens up to bring you a whole different world.

Although the many tables and chairs don't seem to leave much space for dancing, the right atmosphere and long tables in the center allow you to admire some great performances. DJs play the most up-to-date dance tunes on Friday and Saturday nights. Special activities such as dance contests and miniskirt nights are also organized from time to time.

Owner Tony has built many deep relationships while running the bar. Both the owner and staff will introduce new customers to the regulars, giving 151 a warm, hospitable vibe and bringing guests back for the home-away-from-home familiarity over the past 15 years.

151 provides all-you-can-drink beer and some cocktails. If you're brave, you can always go for the 151 Shot (NT$50) to put you right in the mood. While the bar has no kitchen, it teams up with a stir-fry restaurant to offer 30 kinds of dishes (NT$50 each), with a NT$100 service fee applied to each order.

151 has also started its own 151 Club on the Net, already drawing around 900 members. During special occasions, club-member gatherings are held in the bar. Tony especially takes pride in the fact that these gatherings have successfully paired up 18 couples to date. As he notes, 151 may be a bar, but the atmosphere makes it feel more like home.

Alcoholic driks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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