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By Claire Tyrrell Translated by Sho Huang

(02) 2735-8705
143, AnHe Rd, Sec 2
Hours: 8 pm-4 am daily
MRT: LiuZhangLi
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.
Smoking section allowed.
Minimum charge: NT$300

Named after Baccus, the God of Wine, Bacco's deep-red decor certainly pays homage to the deity, although the atmosphere is not quite as raucous as the images his name can sometimes conjure up. In fact, Bacco, billed as a jazz bar, plays unobtrusive jazz CDs which range from Classic to Latin and provide a relaxing environment in which to kick back. Co-owner Gloria says that the design approximates a European bar, where anyone can feel at ease coming with friends or alone, happy just sitting at the bar and chatting with the staff. It is the bar's comfortable nature that has turned curious patrons into regulars.

Bacco offers a full bar, though guests tend to favor the good red wines and whiskeys; the latter selection is larger than many nearby establishments and includes rarer bottles such as Springbank or Lagavulin (NT$450/7200). The bartenders pay a lot of attention to preparing the best drink possible. If your beverage of choice is a martini (NT$280), Gloria suggests ordering it with Noilly Prat, a French vermouth not readily available elsewhere in Taiwan. For my gin and tonic (dry preference), she recommended the quality English gin Tanqueray No. Ten (NT$320) out of a fair selection and insisted that they only use Canada Dry tonic water for the best flavor.

Roasted Sirloin Steak with Japanese Sauce NT$480

Bacco has developed three unique cocktails, too. All three come highly recommended, though they pack quite a punch. All use high-proof vodka and Bacardi 151 as a base. The sweet and fruity Fatal Pills is a favorite with the ladies.
A good menu enhances any evening. At Bacco, the most popular choice is tasty Roasted Sirloin Steak with Japanese Sauce (NT$480). However, the Roasted Fish Roe (NT$500) and the ever-popular Fried Oolong Noodle (NT$220) are always a hit with local and Japanese patrons.

Busy AnHe Road provides enough cocktails to suit any palate. For the discerning drinker who enjoys a knowledgeable staff and a welcoming ambience, Bacco certainly hits the spot.


Alcoholic driks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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