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By Amy Chang Translated by Ann Lee Photos by Andy Lin

24, Lane 205, ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4, 1F
(02) 2711-5589
Hours: 10:30 am-3 am
MRT: ZhongXiao/DunHua Station # 2 Exit
Credit cards accepted. Smoking allowed.
Minimum NT$350/person on weekends.

2046 is a small homage to the Hong Kong-based movie of the same name, directed by Wong Kar-wei. Though set in a different time zone and a different location, the complexity of the characters and their emotions in the movie seem to be apparent at this neo-expressionist inspired bar.

Imagine cloudy white liqueur sliding down your throat, its rich flavor sinking all the way down, followed by an unexpected fragrance. Reflections (NT$350) is the drink's name, a multi-faceted, somehow seductive drink with an almost mystical look and a glamorous taste. It is also a favorite at 2046.

The 11 sofas set in an open area are purposely separated, so that guests can enjoy some privacy while they mingle. Chinese beaded curtains hang from the back of bright red Louis XIV-style chairs, making the environment relaxing and comfortable. Every corner at 2046 has its own distinctive style; patrons can unwind with a cocktail and listen to the smooth flowing tunes in the back.

The outdoor bar at 2046 has a completely different ambiance from the rest of the facility. At one moment, the people gathered around the conspicuously Western-style bar lock eyes with the fashion models on the huge projector screen; the next moment provides something more upbeat and passionate, like Malaysian/Indonesian music that brings patrons right back to the crowded bar scene.

Many customers order Jiang Zhe-style specialties (from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in China) and a Western-style cocktail. The 2046 Classic Rose Chicken with Sour Cucumber (NT$253) is a great choice with any drink; the Fried Shrimp with Salted Egg (NT$293) is a tangy and crispy dish. The unique 2046 Drunk dish (NT$250) impresses patrons with a sour flavor and a sweet aftertaste. Fried Water Celery with Salty Tofu Sauce (NT$213) has a wonderful, salty flavor that can be calmed with Brandy in Love (NT$320), a cocktail made with rich creamy chocolate. Other great recommendations include Spicy Pepper Chicken (NT$253) and Special Savor Fried Squid (NT$273). Apart from these, 2046 is now promoting new business lunch set meals (NT$200, pay extra NT$50 for an additional drink of your choice) catering to those with busy agendas throughout the day.

During the week, 2046 plays relaxing jazz or bossa nova tunes to help customers unwind. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, they hire DJs to entertain the crowd. On these nights, they usually play a mix of hip-hop, electronic and house.

Alcoholic driks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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