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The Comedy Club

The Comedy Club

The Comedy Club

The Comedy Club

The Comedy Club

A Medium for Humor & Creativity

By Joan Chang, translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

The Comedy Club
24, TaiShun St, B1; (02) 2369-3730
Hours: 6 pm-1 am
(closed on Monday)
Credit cards not accepted. 10% service charge.
MRT: Taipower Bldg Station

The Comedy Club is a wacky venue for "kuso" style comedy where audience members might find themselves thinking seriously about a "gaydar", answering questions about their dream dates, singing along to the Chinese musical "The Fabulous World of Otaku," or even watching locals and foreigners alike risk it all with stand-up routines.

This recipe for fun leaves enthusiastic audiences laughing all night long, and the show's technical aspects help enhance the performance--PowerPoints, fun sound effects, and witty dialogue between the host and performers are just some of the techniques that The Comedy Club uses to keep the audience rolling in the aisles.

The owner and most of The Comedy Club's eight shareholders worked together at the Taiwan Walker Theater before moving on to open their own place. They shared the same passion for comedy and quality performances and wanted to provide a space to practice and improve their own craft, as well as a medium for collaborating with performers from all over. And, so far, it seems to be working. Recently the troupe invited a nearby university's drama group to participate in their shows, giving the young thespians invaluable experience that will surely assist with their potential careers in showbiz.

About the show itself: the owners give their performers a lot of freedom in creating, and even improvising, their acts; they give pointers to the amateurs but don't interfere too much. This management style reflects a genuine desire for quality performances instead of bottom-line concern about ticket sales and revenue.

If you would like to find out about the latest shows, check out pages 20-21 in this issue, or go to their official Comedy Club website, where you can find more details and program listings. In addition, some of the materials that you see on Taiwanese variety shows and performances by comedy veteran Dan Machanik, can be seen at The Comedy Club on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays every week. Tickets are NT$250 for normal shows and NT$350 for special weekend shows.

The Comedy Club The Comedy Club

Alcoholic driks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.


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