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The Soho Dining Space & Urban 9 Bar


The Soho Dining Space & Urban 9 Bar


The Soho Dining Space & Urban 9 Bar


The Soho Dining Space & Urban 9 Bar

(02) 2751-1338
149, DunHua S Rd, Sec 1 (close to the entrance of Civic Blvd)
Hours: 12 pm-2 am
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

Two very independent and ambitious girls--Jennifer and Cynthia--picked out a well-developed restaurant space on Taipei's east side and named it The Soho Dining Space & Urban 9 Bar. As the name suggests, this place offers not only a venue for dining, but also a place where you and friends can hang out and enjoy a sociable night over drinks. Its low-key exterior might not be easy to spot while you strolling by. However, upon entering, you'll find a handsome long table and bar, which captures the spirit and colors of New York's fashionable Soho district. The dining area extends to the second floor while the third floor is nicely decorated with two French windows and partitioned with glass walls for VIP rooms (reservation required). Whether you decide to stand or even sit right down on the floor, this space provides a casual, fun ambiance that you'll find fascinating. Urban 9 Bar is located on the fourth floor and features a huge, metropolitan-style oval-shaped bar, ideal for mingling with others. A glass house and outdoor loft is located on the fifth floor. This open area is well-used and especially popular with Taipei residents, perhaps because it offers an open view and space to breathe fresh air in the busiest side of the city. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. While The Soho Dining Space & Urban 9 Bar mainly offers American-style fare, the Chili Sauce Eggs Benedick (NT$270) is an innovative entree worth trying.

B. Baby Shrimp & Avocado Panini (NT$180) and Chicken Gratia Pasta with Cheese (NT$210) are both highly recommended at this trendy dining spot and exude pleasing, unique flavors.

C. There are no tall buildings to block your view from the fifth-floor glass house, where you can watch the color of the sky change between daylight and dusk. The outdoor loft area is perfect for private party functions!

Taiwan Fun reminds you to not to drink and drive.

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