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Yellow Tail Wines hit Taiwan

By Dougias Habecker Translated Batty Liu

This is a season of true classical feminity with a definite masculine touch! Over the last few years, fashion has taken a simpler, cleaner, more classical approach, following on the heels of New York and Milan. Fashion has become more conservative and definitely individualized, so that it is almost impossible to be "out of fashion"!
Over the past four years--for the first time in about 50 years--we see this very strong return of the feminine lady. It feels as if she is now finally ready, not only be that successful career lady of the '80s but also a lady. And this lady wants it all.
The strong feeling of sheer femininity can be felt as the stiff architectural silhouettes of the early '90s are now replaced with soft, flowy, sensual lines that truly celebrate the curves of the womanly form.
It is therefore not surprising to see that this classically-feminine yet masculine season's most distinguished fashion muses range from the elegant sensual likes of Jackie-O and Audrey Hepburn to the sexy '50s chic secretary look: high heels and sexy knee-length skirts, frilly ladylike blouses, sexy satins, fitted jackets and skirt suits, loads of soft furs. There is also the more flamboyant and first-ever English juvenile delinquents--the "teddy boys"--known for their bright tartans, exaggerated collars and sleeves, frills on hemlines, bright vivid longer-length coats and crazy furs.
We also see a total resurgence of the "Old English" horseriding gear that gives a complete picture of this season's "Return to the Classical" trend. This look was shown with models in riding jodhpurs and knee-length riding boots, teamed with the fitted blazer-style jackets and the ever-so-masculine cravat around the neck.
The Classical Returns
This is a look of total luxury, leaning strongly towards elegant styling. The result is lots of knee-length skirts in traditional fabrics, feminine dresses in soft chiffons. There are also more heavy tweeds and wools, draped blouses, capes, plenty of wraps in all shapes and forms, the super-sexy fitted jackets and skirt suits and, lastly, the fitted pedal pusher pants worn with the long trench coat.
Well ladies, I hope that this is enough to get you shopping until next month's installment of "What's in Vogue", when we talk about the other side of this trend--The Masculine!


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