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TAIWAN FUN MAGAZINE, September 2005.


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--By Dionysus, translated by Cara Steenstra

For quite some time, Alexander Health Club has been conquering the hearts of female customes in Taipei. Their new brand, Jun Spa, is a private ladies-only club, an 800-ping facility with only 15 aromatherapy rooms that took NT$100 million to create. Chairwoman Candy Tang explains that this spa is aimed at professional working women who seek a place to truly relax their bodies, minds and souls. The water therapy pool has ultra-sonic water jets that stimulate different pressure points on the body for three to five minutes. After the water therapy, ladies can relax in the spa lounge and enjoy a short eye, neck and shoulder massage and heat treatment, in order to extend the effects of the therapy. About 40 percent of Jun Spa therapies originate from Chinese medicine; the rest is aromatherapy from around the world, as well as biotechnology from Europe and America. One of the semi-precious gem energy massages uses colorful gems and seven therapeutic oils to work on the seven "chakras" of the human body. A negative pressure vacuum cabin imported from Germany delivers a weightless massage that works especially well on the lower body, and is particularly beneficial for those who are stressed or spend long hours sitting or standing. An annual membership at Jun Spa is currently set at NT$150,000.



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