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--By Darren Hassan Translated by Tre Gordon

Anybody who has browsed Warner Village may be aware of the Bluestone store, located where the old food court used to reside. Bluestone isn't just another accessories shop, however, but carries a neat range of bits and pieces for the home, office or personal use that have a little more imagination than usual. It has been representing well-known, international furniture and specialty gift companies in Taiwan for more than 14 years.

The store is more like a designer exhibition than anything, with unusual versions of basic items being the general theme. For example, there is a ceramic block of tofu which, when turned upside down, becomes a cup for traditional tea drinking. A series of clocks perform extra functions, such as reminding you when to go home or when your pasta is done. Don't forget the personalized condom dispensers which are are, well, unique!

My personal favorite is the specialized novelty cufflinks. Of course, there are standard versions but one can't go past the imaginative craftsmanship that these possess. For the person who loves fast cars, there is a pair of gear-shift links and even a pair of football boots for the soccer hooligan. I am now the proud owner of some delightful Chairman Mao Zedong cufflinks, which shall be worn with pride during my next visit to the Forbidden City.

Seriously, Bluestone is an excellent store for purchasing unique items that you can't find elsewhere. If you are stuck for that gift for somebody, this store will almost certainly have something for you. Although the Warner store isn't huge, it is a great little place to amuse yourself for a while with all its quirky little curios.
Visit their website for more information: www.bluestone.com.tw


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